• Image of invocation/affirmation card set

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this listing comes with 10 invocation cards with either 10-15 affirmations or information on the back of them, all of which is listed below. it also comes with several cards full of positive and inspirational words to keep your spirit light and lifted.

1. full moon: invocation/information card
2. new moon: invocation/information card
3. mercury retrograde: invocation/information card
4. peace: invocation/affirmation card
5. forgiveness: invocation/affirmation card
6. freedom: invocation/affirmation card
7. grounding: invocation/affirmation card
8. cleansing: invocation/affirmation card
9. abundance: invocation/affirmation card
10. protection: invocation/affirmation card

these come packaged in a box with 2 palo santo to assist your cleansing process and also a white feather to help encourage higher angelic frequencies in your space for additional support. this set also comes with a small selenite wand.

metaphysical and healing properties of selenite:
-has a very calming and soothing energy
-helps to remove energy blocks from the physical and etheric bodies
-used for creating a protective grid in one’s house and/or a room to keep outside influences away
-selenite wands can be used to rid entities from one’s aura as you swipe the wand through the space around you
-can be used to clear other stones that are placed on or near it
-helps to open the crown and higher chakras and really allow you to see with clarity and anchor in your higher selves and divine wisdom
-helps to stabilize and disperse erratic emotions
-brings one deep inner peace especially when in a meditative state by connecting you with source
-physically it helps to realign the spine and is thought to be good for the overall human skeleton. also helps to reduce epilepsy and seizures
-chakra(s): crown and above

how to work with the invocation/affirmation cards:
the invocation/affirmation cards work best when you first place your consciousness in to your heart. I suggest doing this by taking at least 3 deep breaths and holding them for atleast 4 seconds on the inhale and 4 seconds on the exhale. when you take these breaths, imagine light coming down from source, through your crown chakra all the way down and expanding in your heart to encompass your entire being, and then continuing this stream of light through the rest of your body and down in to the crystalline heart of the new golden earth. imagine and feel yourself really being nurtured by this energy and allowing it to fill every cell, atom, and electron of your being.
once you feel this process is complete, then please go ahead and read the cards and really feel the words as you say them. the more you feel, the more clearing can occur. you also can feel free to add any thing you wish. for example you may have a certain relationship with someone you no longer want in your life, feel free to add their name or whatever you’d specifically like cleared.

highest blessings