mercury retrograde

hello my beautiful ones! i hope you all are feeling refreshed with all of the new energy that is pouring in for 2016 and if you’re not that is fine too because it is an intense one! if you’re feeling out of sorts, run down, or exhausted, do not judge this. when we enter a new year, we literally enter a new portal of energy and with this new energy now in our field, our body needs to release and upgrade to match this new frequency and it isn't always a comfortable process on the physical plane. i will list later some ways and tools you can use to best serve yourself during this time both, emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

per usual, the universe threw even more in to the mix to greatly greatly assist us by immediately starting off the year with beloved mercury going retrograde. please know that this is very significant. the universe a. wants you to clear as many lessons during this period as you can up before the year starts because to doesn't want to see you struggle a second longer than you chose to, and b. how yo go through this period will literally set the tone for your year.

i have chosen to write this energy report for all of you because many of you find this period to be a time of dread, worry, confusion, frustration, upset, etc. and it can feel that way on the earthly plane, but above it has no such intentions. it actually occurs to do the exact opposite. the universe does not need any more negativity infused in to it then it already has, so its time to change this perception associated with mercury retrograde for you and for the planet, which effects our universes and all universes tied to that in to infinity.

i also want to start by saying that whatever you believe this time period to be, you will create and thus you will receive. holding negative thoughts, feelings and emotions toward mercury retrograde will only be inviting the universe to give you more situations to make you feel these lower vibrational frequencies because this is what you’re telling the universe you want to experience and its quite silly to hold hatred for something you’ve asked for. Everything that comes to us at any moment we have welcomed in to our existence on some level as a blessing or a lesson so we must continue to start to view all as such and work with it and not fight it. this is where our power lies to overcome and face anything with as much ease and grace as possible.

i encourage you all first and foremost to re view this period as a blessing and a gift and instead welcome this retrograde in to your life and allow it to serve you. this universe isn’t allowed to let anything occur that isn’t divinely orchestrated and that you haven't asked for on some level of your being. remember that your greatest periods of struggle and those who have hurt you the most, you have asked to come in to your life to be your greatest teachers, whether it was a contract and soul choice you made before you incarnated on to this planet or something you manifested since being here. instead of holding on to anger for how another has treated you, instead send them away with love and gratitude because hopefully you should now be walking forward in a much lighter and more knowledgable state. when you can allow the vibration of forgiveness in and send it to them or to any situation, you no longer allow whatever occurred between you to have power over you or hold feelings of anger. forgiveness lights all of these lower vibrations up and allows you to be at peace.

the reason many hold fear during this time is because a lot of lessons tend to occur in a short amount of time and a lot of things get stirred up. this isn't to make you upset, this is to allow you to truly speak in to the universe what you desire and want from your hearts true sacred space. the reason anything ever causes us pain and irritation is because we are not in our heart space, we are not feeling love, we are not in alignment with our souls desires and purpose. so know that. know that whatever wants to release will do so, so you can be closer to you. to your heart. and all those negative vibrations and feelings you are feeling, are coming up so you can bring them in to the light.

so what can you expect to occur during this time period….

mercury is the planet that rules communication, travel, and technology.

you may find that your phone will freeze or your tv won’t work or you’ll lose a document if its not saved, or silly things to deal with technology of this nature. this just comes with the energy, so if something like this happens, don't get angry, just laugh and invite the energy of grace and ease to come in so that things can start working again. if not, maybe it was time to upgrade to a better system, or shift some things around or over. in an age where everything we do now is through our phones or computers, yes this can cause stress, but do not allow that emotion to take you over. just let it be and when you can flow with it and stay in your heart you will be able to find your outcome and solution much much easier and quicker.

you may also find that simply being on your computer or phone can cause you to get really dizzy or a headache or completely disoriented. as our fields are integrating a lot of intense energy, computers are much lower in frequency and can literally fry us out. so if you feel that, its best to limit your time on them during these next couple of weeks!

it is highly suggested to also not sign important documents because it may be easier to misread fine print or not be fully focused on something that can come around to cause you upset later on.

you may also find that you have issues with traveling. if you do have a trip or something planned during this time and you feel strongly in your heart to travel, do it. spirit may want you in different energy to receive mercury's energy. trust that. on the other hand, if you are supposed to travel and you feel very uneasy about it or you get blocked or re routed or re direct, trust this! these are your first signs that maybe it isn't in your highest alignment. and i don't mean from a state of fear, because you cant see anything clearly when you're not in your heart, i mean truly in your intuition and gut you feel it’s not right, then choose not to do it for your highest.

lastly and most importantly, mercury rules communication and our throat chakra. this is the one that most people will tend to receive lessons in and this is how we are encouraged to grow most during this time.

a little important knowledge for you if you are unaware of how powerful your throat chakra is. we are now entering full 5th dimensional energies here on mother earth. she is fully ascending now from a 3rd and 4th dimensional being to a 5th dimensional one. our 5th chakra up from our root is our throat chakra. so this chakra is the main focus now that we’re in this dimension. we speak in to existence what we want to create. our words are literally our most powerful forms of creation. they have a frequency as so does every thing else in this universe. the frequency of the words you say are literally attracting other things in to your life in all areas. when you’re speaking love and gratitude, you’ll receive bountiful blessings. when you’re speaking anger and hatred and frustrated, you’re going to receive a million lessons which will get increasingly more intense over time until you learn them. so please be insanely aware of your voice, your words, and what you are sending out in to the universe because it will be echoing back to you.

for those of you that are already heart centered, and living out your souls purpose, and have fully integrated your higher selves in or many of them, you may find this time period to be a breeze, but for most others, anything that is not our hearts desire, that isn't spoken or approached or isn't aligned with love, will be an immediate lesson. this goes for relationships, jobs, food, etc. you do not want to be attached to anything you don’t love, because then you’re constantly feeling lower vibrations and sending that out in to the universe, receiving more, and its just a negative spiral of creation. if you are not listening and aligning and chosing what you truly want, desire, and need, the universe may just force you to get to that place. it may fire you or have your car break down or cause something to go wrong in your relationship so you can truly see its not right and shift over to something in more alignment with you. just know that if something falls apart or it doesn't feel good, that is for a reason and that should be your first sign always that what you’re doing is not in highest for your soul. what is feels free, light, loving and brings immediate joy, is for you, anything else, is not for you!!!

you may also find during this time that people, or relationships from your past may creep up back in to your space. just know that this is mostly a time of closure for these things. to revisit them again from a higher space and let them go from this higher space as well instead of maybe in anger as you could have left it with in the past. please know the universe does not want anything to exist that isn’t in love. it wants love for you, and it wants love for everything, and itself. so everything that occurs to us is so that we can learn how to be more love. this is who you are. you’ve just allowed yourself to be blinded and disconnected from this truth. and the more you do not allow love to flow, the more issues and lessons and hardships you will face in your life, because what isn't in love, hurts. it sometimes hurts like hell. so let love fill all of your cracks and return to your wholeness once again. this is the truth of your reason for being and the truth of your being. just remember and allow.

so how can you make this time period work with you:
first and foremost… everyday…. you should be aligning with your highest and greatest good and all situations that are in alignment with your divine destiny and divine blueprint. when you do this, you know that anything that occurs to you throughout your day, even if it seems negative, is truly a part of your creation and to serve this best self that you are trying to bring forward and anchor in to your reality.

if things do come up, you do get overwhelmed, first breathe!! breathe and then breathe some more. do not react out of anger or hatred or stress or frustration. these vibrations aren’t for your highest and your going to create from a place outside of your heart which will only lead to negative consequences and more lessons in your future, which lets be honest, none of us really want to go through more then we have to. so always breathe. also realize that you do not have to attend every argument that you are invited to. another may need to release a lot and may want to project it on to you, remember, how you react is your karma, and how they react is yours. you are not responsible for anyone but yourself on this planet. if someone hurts you, what they just told the universe is to send them more lower vibrational things. if you can stay in your heart and not react or not get lowered down in to your energy, the universe is going to deliver you more peaceful situations. thats just how are law works. if you want more understanding of this, you can go and look up the cosmic laws and specifically the law of cause and effect!

i recommend staying grounded for these next 3 weeks. spend time by yourself. lots of time being healed by nature. grounding crystals and essential oils are wonderful, baths with rose oil and himalayan salt are also excellent. digging a hole an just planting your feet into earth and really feeling her, not the global consciousness, but her nurturing energy is very beneficial during this time. drinking plenty of water. not watching the news!!! thats the most important one. staying away from people who are dramatic or fearful so as to not create from their space. also eating as pure as possible will assist your body greatly to be able to adjust to the other frequencies coming in easier. keep alkaline a much as possible.

also work with the color blue. blue is the energy of the throat, and turquoise is the energy of the high heart. stones likes lapis lazuli, aquarmarine, turqouise, blue sodalite, azurite, celestite, blue calcite, blue agate, etc. can be placed on your throat to help strengthen and support it. wearing the color blue or buying a blue blanket to put on your bed can also assist greatly. below i will list some information in relation to your throat chakra so you can get a better idea of what its purpose is!

area: throat, mouth, ears, base of neck
physical association/system: thyroid
meaning: communication, self expression, expansion, authenticity,
color: blue
sanskrit term: vishuddha
stones: blue lace agate, blue sodalite, blue apatite, lapis lazuli, blue calcite,
essential oils: chamomile, thyme, myrrh
sound: ham
element: ether
musical key/note: G
planet: mercury
affirmation: I speak my truth from my heart effortlessly. I speak clearly what I would like to experience. I express my authentic self through creativity. I am honest. I am true to who I am and I express that at all times. I feel comfortable expressing myself. I live with integrity.

on i will have stones for purchase and also 2 throat chakra kits are left available for some serious throat chakra support and also throat chakra cards and affirmations will be going up as well to assist you all during these times!

i hope that with this light i have tried to shed on this beautiful planet and period of time, that you all can view this retrograde with more ease and grace and honor it for working with you to serve your highest and greatest good. it is my pleasure to be in service to you all.

if you feel ever so kind and would like to donate a heart donation to me for my healing words, energy i’ve extending so generously throughout my time on Instagram, through these energy reports and through my service to the planet, i would be infinitely grateful as this does consume a whole lot of my time and energy to hold the space and healing and clearing i do for you all daily. this will be the only way i can continue to keep sharing so much so freely, is to be supported evenly for the energy i put out in to the universe or it will be an uneven exchange and not right within so it will have to come to a halt until i can be better supported.

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i am so humbled and grateful for those of you who have and i send out immense love, grace and abundance to you daily.

many blessings my brothers and sistars. may you walk and lead and be with your heart all the days of your life. may you chose ease and grace and love for yourself and for all. and may you let your heart be your guide.

keep shining.