• Image of cleansing kit

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ive created this cleansing kit with the intention to help keep all of these energies and emotions and thoughts that are surfacing during these intense times clearing and transmuting so as to not cause any blocks and make life more difficult for any of us. it is with my purest intention that this kit serves the highest of whatever soul receives it.

tools included in this set:
-black tourmaline
-smoky quartz
-selenite wand
-lava stone - black obsidian
-white feather
-pheasant feather (ethically sourced)
-smudge stick
-palo santo
-himalayan salt candle holder(comes without the candle)
-cleansing invocation/affirmation
-grounding invocation/affirmation
-full moon/new moon invocation
-packet of information explaining how to use all of the tools in this kit

it is important to note that these feathers are ethically sourced. we do not believe in or support animal cruelty.